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5 Reasons Content Writing benefits every Small Business

I often get asked if content writing really can help small businesses.

It’s a very fair question. As a small business owner, you haven’t got truckloads of money to spend on frivolous marketing campaigns that may or may not result in any extra business.

But times are a-changing. And so should your business approach if you want to come out alive at the other end.


A resilient business has an online presence


On 25th of March this year, level 4 lockdown changed the game for small NZ businesses. Overnight a brick and mortar store could no longer capture the spend of local Kiwis. The horror! Any business that wasn’t at least operating on a hybrid model started scrambling for an e-commerce site.

In the meantime, we are back at level 1, but things have not returned to business as usual. Consumer habits have changed. Whether that change will be a long-term thing is a question that only the future will answer. But love or hate the idea, one thing is for certain: a resilient business has an online presence.


The online equivalent of a roadside stall will not pay the bills


Which brings us to the next point. If an online presence is what we need as a business to keep our heads above water, your online shop (aka your website) is just as important as your brick and mortar store. Accessibility, loading time, user experience, presentation all play a role in how customers perceive your business. A website quickly thrown together during lockdown is the equivalent of a roadside stall. Nothing wrong with those (in fact they are incredibly charming in my book), but it’s unlikely they will do a heck of a lot more than provide some pocket money.


Building a good website is serious business


Building a website is an art, and the content that goes on the website matters more than you may think. When done well, the content of your website appeals to your customers, without being overtly salesy. A good content writer is skilled at the art of persuasion and can help you grow your business in ways that you never thought possible.

So how does a content writer achieve that?


  1. Talking the right kind of talk convinces customers your product is what they need

You’ll never hear us arguing that the design of your website isn’t important. But the content that goes on your website matters just as much. It’s one thing to draw people to your website, it’s something else to get them browsing and ultimately spending. Bottom-line: the written word on your website needs to be just as high quality as the design, graphics, photos and animations.

Good content writing builds a strong relationship with your audience, captures their attention and improves engagement. Even if you have an impressive website design,  the writing needs to let your customer know what you are selling and how it will benefit them.

And while doing all the above, good content writing will speak your customers language.  The writing will be accustomed to who your customers are and what they like. I will always talk to you about who your clients are. It’s a non-negotiable.


  1. Google-loving content boosts organic search visibility

But there’s more. A website with well written (SEO optimised) content will also make sure that your website gets picked up by the Google algorithms and ranks high when people search for the products or services you represent. Google’s algorithms are constantly changing and it’s time consuming to keep up with the latest updates and best practices.  The reality is, most small business owners  don’t have the time for it. Which is exactly why it makes sense to hire somebody to do it for you. A higher ranking means more traffic to your website… for free!

It’s like a word-of-mouth referral. It’s pretty powerful.


  1. Good copywriting for a small business makes you an authority in your field

Aside from creating top-notch website content, most content writers will also offer blog writing services. It’s easy to dismiss this as a very superfluous thing to do for a small business. But it’s actually a very smart business strategy in more than one way.

People hate ads and they will ignore them.  But a good blog will tell a story that captures people’s attention. It’s an exchange of information about your products or services  and it’s not salesy. On one hand it take your customers on a journey. Done well, it gets them hooked.

But great blogs take your business that one step further.  Blogs improve brand recall. After a while of consistent quality blogging, customers will see you as an authority in your field. Your name will be the one that pops up in their heads when time for spending arises.

To top it off, as far as Google is concerned, quality blogging keeps your website fresh and relevant and that’s a rewarded by the algorithms. Again, the result is a better ranking. It’s not something that will happen overnight and you need to be persistent in regular blog posting, but it pays off.


  1. A great website and awesome content writing helps your small business’ exposure to a much larger audience

When you own a brick and mortar store, you’re kind of stuck with the local people popping in.  But now that we’ve got a strong New Zealand Made movement going, people are more inclined to spend online. In other words, having an e-commerce website opens your business up to an audience that wouldn’t have been aware of your existence a mere few months ago.


  1. Content writing for small business doesn’t cost the earth

The best part about content marketing is that it doesn’t cost a lot, but it works for you while you are asleep.  It’s like hiring a salesperson for your shop that you only have to pay once. It’s constantly there, generating traffic and leads day and night. And it’s something your audience is actively searching for.

Your clients are in a constant need of answers to their pertinent questions and Google spits out the answer. As a small New Zealand business, a good website is a very effective strategy and a smart investment.

All you need is a good web designer (Talk to us about some talented web design partners we work with) and great content that proves to be a reliable resource and grabs your audience’s attention.

So you can skip the beads of perspiration at the thought of taking the plunge into a successful online website for your business.  Scoot over to my website to find out how content writing for small business gets big results when done well.